Room For Ruth

Offering Positive Lifestyle Choices to Women


Referral and Admissions Proccess

All data is submitted through a inquiry log. Initial screening is conducted when the client calls or walks-in. A pre-intake process will begin by collecting basic information and history. The program requirements and fee’s are discussed according to the sliding fee scale. No prospective client will be denied treatment due to an inability to pay for services.

Admission Prioritization

As determined by the Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment Agency (SAPTA) Requirements

  • Pregnant injection drug users
  • Pregnant substance abusers
  • Non-pregnant injection drug users
  • All others

Process for Inpatient (Residential)

  • Referral Log Entry & the Application Process
  • Male or female aged 18 and up with a diagnosis of substance abuse or dependence to criteria
  • Mental Health Assessment (Reviewed by qualified staff)
  • Physical requested prior to admission
  • Communicate with referral sources, Judges, Attorneys, Probation, etc.
  • Approve or disapprove client application

Admittance Process

  • Consent releases signed
  • Allergies and nutritional needs noted
  • Medication (30 days upon admit)
  • Drug testing for level of admittance
  • Set physical exam appointment within seven days
  • Nevada Health Information Provider Performance System (NHIPPS) entry
  • Refer client file to finance department

Social Model Detox

  • Client screened for appropriateness (Reviewed by qualified staff)
  • Medical clearance
  • Admission

Waiting List

  • Comprised of persons who meet the Federal Uniform Waiting List Definition
    • Only persons available to accept treatment
  • Maintain contact with persons on the waiting list
  • Treatment slots open in order on the waiting list
  • Interim services are provided


  • Initial screening is conducted concerning client substance abuse or dependence
  • Assign client referral to lead Outpatient Counselor for appointment
  • Inform client of treatment cost